Jim Kentch, Lawyer

Justice is the greatest of virtues,
for in justice is all virtue combined.
Justice is not a part of virtue
but the whole of virtue.

Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

Address: 215 West San Francisco Street, # 202-C, Santa Fe, NM, 87501

Telephone: 505-660-9160

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Directions to Jim Kentch's Law Office

Parking is available in the City parking garage right across San Francisco Street.

Jim Kentch’s office is at 215 West San Francisco Street, # 202-C in Santa Fe.
It is on the north side of the street directly west of the main entrance to the Lensic Theater. If you stand near the main entrance to the City parking garage at Sandoval and West San Francisco and face the Lensic, you will see—just to the left of the Lensic—an arcade with “215” above the entrance. Go in the arcade and up to the second floor. You can take the stairs to your immediate right or the elevator.

Upon arriving on the second floor you will see a glass door more or less directly facing you. It says “215 W. San Francisco Street” on it. Go through that door and walk down the hallway past the movie posters. Jim’s office is the last door on your left, # 202-C.