Jim Kentch, Lawyer

Justice is the greatest of virtues,
for in justice is all virtue combined.
Justice is not a part of virtue
but the whole of virtue.

Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

Consumer Law PracticeJim has a general civil law practice that focuses on two areas: consumer law and research and writing for other lawyers.

Consumer Law

Jim might be able to help you if you think a business has treated you unfairly. There are many ways a business could do this. For example, a car dealer sold you a car with the odometer rolled back or a car that had some hidden defects he did not tell you about. A debt collector might be calling your employer about a debt it thinks you owe, or use racially insulting language. There may be information on your credit report that is wrong. A business might take advantage of your age or some disability and overcharge you.

Research and Writing for other Lawyers

Jim has decades of experience researching, drafting and editing legal pleadings, briefs and memoranda.